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Content to Change

     We often forget that complacency and contentment walk hand in hand. We ponder how exactly they are similar and when truly defined do the weight of their meanings change depending on the circumstances? If after all of the hard work, effort, resources and time invested in “It”, “Them” or “Us” we find ourselves slowly sipping from a cup of despair, are we allowed to ditch the brew, throwing it and the entire kitchen sink out and start anew? Or, will we allow the guilt of self-disappointment to force us to keep the pot hot and settle for pouring ourselves a matching cup of grief?  

     We seem to always convince ourselves that throwing in a few lumps of sugar will make “things” go down a little easier. Yet, ingesting sugarcoated bitterness, forever guarantees that we are left sour on the inside.

      As much as we may want to fight or deny it we must come face to face with our “ Fictional contents.”  There are times where it may be manageable to handle a bit of hardship or reasonable compromise with understanding and a bit of grace. Nevertheless, we must always challenge ourselves to push past complacency and experience true content (peace &happiness)even if it means embracing the discomfort of change.

Affirmations: Content to Change

Bold: God, help me to be honest with myself in all things.

Blessed: Lord, guide me so that I am a reflection of what you crafted me to be.

Bossy: God, help me to welcome the change needed to push through to my purpose.


Writer, Angela Christina


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